While not all from the garden... Half of it is!

It's been awhile, I know, I said it during the my last post as well.  This time though, it is the ultimate return with a sweet little twist  -- a new kitchen garden for one, bigger, better and, a more lovely and familial environ  Just saying.

My full time job took on quite the twist.  I was everywhere and nowhere, easily.  Most people love the idea of travel on the work dime but honestly, I've just never been there.  Crap hotels (mostly in these past couple of years), 10 to 12 hours of remote work per day, dinners with.... while all you want to do is order room service... and then, my Dad passed away, at a weird time and then, 6 months later, my best friend in the whole wide world (since I was 5) got married in my home town, my Dad's memorial wasn't held until late August and then, September happened.  Vienna, Oh Vienna with your crazy food and awesome flea market!  November, wow, a new studio and then December, back home with my Mom and family, I am so not ready to give up my Christmas in Montreal.  Oh no, no yet.

January came and I had my mid year review.  In six months, I went from EXCEEDS to NEEDS ATTENTION Stuff, lovely stuff and then bad stuff, sad stuff, interfering with my work.  Jeez, so sorry I can't control my life, my special life.  

So, welcome back to KITCHENSTORIES on ETSY!