Canada Day is just Days Away

I am so excited! Canada Day is in a couple of days and here I am in Minnesota planning the meal to BBQ, what I will wear (nothing weird or too matchy matchy, don't worry), what to drink (meh, not a huge fan of beer) and wondering who I will meet this year.

Bloomington, MN which is where I have been living since 2003 after leaving my sweet city of Montreal, Qc to live with the love of my life is celebrating it's 10th Annual Canada Day Picnic! Weeeee! It's not city run but a Canadian run one which makes it (thankfully) way more fun.

Bonjour et Bonne Fetes mes amis!!!!


Testing out the new Camera

Anybody else have a second shop on Etsy? Well, if you don't and are considering it, beware... It's tough! Unless you have the ability to love love love two ideas at the same time and, actually have the time to do so, then you should be ok.

My whole Etsy experience began with Photography here: Costellos and then moved into my other passion, Food. Yet there are times when I want to escape from food and get back to nature photography and actually devote special time to it. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that we all need a mini moment to stop and stand back from our shops that consume us and honestly, just get back to what we love, every so often. That's me right now oh, and I just bought a used Nikon D100 so perhaps that's my excuse, too.
Testing, Exploring, Having fun!


Just another avenue?

While I'm still awaiting approval of acceptance into that "other" online hand made website I look at it as inspiration to a more streamlined, blog like experience.

As I understand it, it's for US shipping addresses only and the criteria of acceptance runs from excellent photography to the number of articles that one would sell in their shop and while I'm still going through the exercise of reading all of their dos and don'ts, fees and whatnot, I am in love with their layout.

Many of my Etsy mates have shops on Artfire which I sincerely find intriguing but can any online seller of handmade goods really get over the exclusivity of the gem of 1000 Markets? I have been swooned.

Wish me luck on being accepted 'cause I want to hang out with WhimsyandSpice!


Ode to the basics and damn to Crock Pots


i never knew you existed before moving here
your absence from my life went unnoticed for years
parties meant planning, cooking, buying wine and beer
not filling, stuffing, plugging it in and to simply disappear

Little smokies, meatballs, chicken nuggets and more
Calories, fat and sugar galore
If that's what it means to host a party in this town
Let me out now before I explode through my once sexy nightgown

Ok Ok, I get the ease of the Crock family dinner
though it is only slightly better then a McDonald's sinner
So give up the crock and head to your wok
Fresh Veggies and Meat go so perfectly with pop