La Cuisine, it's rolling! Et mon bebe aussi

All I can say is that my arms are killing me (good for the definition, hopefully). It's a whole day project just to get 3 cabinets done between sanding, stripping, staining.... which takes forever to dry.

This coming week I'll strip the frame, put the final coat on the doors then, pack us and our gorgeous boy up for our trip back home to Montreal, where he will be studying.

I will miss him beyond belief.I guess Momma really did need a project eh.


The Kitchen - continued

I'm giving myself until Christmas to finish this kitchen project and doing it in stages like this suits me just fine. I mean come on? How long could you live with microwaved meals for? Yuck!

First section done and, I LOVE IT!!!

Oh how I do enjoy a good project


Welcome to my Kitchen !

I still can't believe we have lived in this house for 6 years now and I'm just getting to the dreaded kitchen renovation project. Here's the now --cabinets removed for refinishing

The look I have been trying to achieve

and this is what I've created by stripping the varnish, staining with red oak stain then again with red mahogany 2 sometimes 3 times then finally, when I'm super satisfied, a coat of poly.

If only great lighting was available during this photo shoot and I highly suspect I'll be doing this 'till Christmas


Fun New Tool

Eesh, if I had my background black, things might look more different but, the absolute fun news is for Vintage lovers... You have to try this out: poladroid

Here's the real one:


A Spicy Bunch

One of these days I'll learn to say no but for now, in these slow online sale and fast highway get home times I felt that I could get just a little bit busy and help out 1000 Markets with their PR ramp up campaign. I sure had a hard time parting with these little cuties...