Top 10 Fridayliciousness

While I wasn't "theoretically" supposed to be not at work today, I did it, I took the day off and will claim it as yes, a sick day (oh the shame). I'm too new here to worry about someone from work finding this out and I had no intention of updating my Facebook status or even dare utter a tweet about it. I just went dark while the sun shone like crazy.

#10 - no one else home
#9 - a frozen meal for lunch ain't so bad
#8 - HGTV and the Food Network rock!
#7 - accountable for nothing, not even the dishes
#6 - slept
#5 - slept some more
#4 - got my creative mojo back, even if only for an hour
#3 - IKEA
#2 - Hot Herb Jars
#1 - lovely red wine & Pizza

Ahhh Fridays off.


French Herb Butter

We love love love our baguettes around here and while they are a bit more expensive then our favorites back home in Quebec, our work around solution has been quite delicious...
go direct, right before they close when they are half priced and buy as many as you can fit in your freezer, break them in half if you need to and store them in Freezer Bags.

What's also the best is grilling or broiling the bread soaked in herbs and butter and here is one super easy recipe that gives this delicious bread in hands down time!

French Herb Butter
1 stick of butter, at room temperature
3 tablespoons French Herb Blend

Combine ingredients in a bowl and blend until well distributed
be sure not to whip.

To save for later: spoon Herb Butter onto a small sheet of wax paper, roll, twist ends and store in the fridge for later use.


My Love and Hate Relationships

I am loving all of the new Treasuries on Etsy being built featuring the ol' Red White and Blue theme this week... This one is my favorite, duh... Freedom Rings

Another Super Fave Etsy Shop is: Bomobob can we talk about variety of photography or what??? I bought these a couple of weeks ago and have them posted in my cube at work: For the Birds

I found this in my email a couple of days ago and I had to recoil... Look, I treasure those old relics and if you think I'm going to toss dirt and water into one of them and then, of all things, leave them in direct sunlight for hours on end well, you are sadly mistaken.
How to turn an old or broken camera into a flower pot

And, to top off this post, my new favorite purchase and, if somebody tells me that it's one of those "reseller items" on Etsy, I'll probably sink (I chose the black buttons for this beauty): The Black Long Shirt Dress I hope it's not too Bea Arthurish YIKES! rip