The only thing I caught was a hangover

Pasta and a Hangover go hand in hand. Normally I would whip up my homemade Macaroni and Super Cheesy Cheese but this time, I decided to get started on Cannelloni. It was 9pm and just in from a day on a lake with about 600 other people trying to catch a fish. Having drunk more than I ate, it was just about all that I could think of. My body was craving Pasta, craving it! I fried up the meats and chopped up the onion, threw in some nutmeg then tossed the whole idea. What was I thinking? Smashed and trying to make this elaborate and time sucking dish? Before the eggs and cheese went in I stuck it in the fridge. So, this is what I ate instead. It was pre-made or almost... all I had to do was boil water and in my state, it's about all I was capable of doing and besides, the Cannelloni will only taste better with time... not too much time though!

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