Etsy Front Page - Finally !!!

Ok, so it didn't bring in this huge amount of sales that in better financial times would have been common place, it did bring me a whole lot of loving and a damn good feeling.

Mine are those delicious looking pancakes that I sell as a mix.


  1. Congrats!! Was this today? Because I swear I saw you on the FP a few weeks ago too! Did you know that you can look here for all you FP exposure:

    YES!! You've been on the FP THREE times!!!

  2. Well now I feel like a dolt... actually twice, since I was an Alt in the third. That explains my GA now... Thank you !!!

  3. CONGRATS !!! you thought your were featured one and the same day you just discovered you 've been on etsy FP 2 times !!! special bonus of the day :)

    I have been on fp once and 3 to 4 as an ALT ... not the same thing but still good to know people were actually contemplating adding you ?

    felicitations !!! love your products