Testing out the new Camera

Anybody else have a second shop on Etsy? Well, if you don't and are considering it, beware... It's tough! Unless you have the ability to love love love two ideas at the same time and, actually have the time to do so, then you should be ok.

My whole Etsy experience began with Photography here: Costellos and then moved into my other passion, Food. Yet there are times when I want to escape from food and get back to nature photography and actually devote special time to it. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that we all need a mini moment to stop and stand back from our shops that consume us and honestly, just get back to what we love, every so often. That's me right now oh, and I just bought a used Nikon D100 so perhaps that's my excuse, too.
Testing, Exploring, Having fun!


  1. wow, this photo is unbelievable. good luck with your shops, i imagine having two is a ton of work.