Top 10 Fridayliciousness

While I wasn't "theoretically" supposed to be not at work today, I did it, I took the day off and will claim it as yes, a sick day (oh the shame). I'm too new here to worry about someone from work finding this out and I had no intention of updating my Facebook status or even dare utter a tweet about it. I just went dark while the sun shone like crazy.

#10 - no one else home
#9 - a frozen meal for lunch ain't so bad
#8 - HGTV and the Food Network rock!
#7 - accountable for nothing, not even the dishes
#6 - slept
#5 - slept some more
#4 - got my creative mojo back, even if only for an hour
#3 - IKEA
#2 - Hot Herb Jars
#1 - lovely red wine & Pizza

Ahhh Fridays off.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like an all around wonderful day! I just love HGTV and Food Network!! I have yet to go to an IKEA.. would if we had one!