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Not just for steaks!  It was BURGERS tonight!

Each of us, in our family, have very different views on how we prefer our burgers either cooked, or served.   Between lactose intolerance to perfect naturalistic tendencies, we had to make this work.
This dinner was based on two elements,  Teriyaki Sauce and Ultimate Steak Blend.
The differences came in the American Cheese for one, and the Avocado, minus the cheese for the other.  
Me, I'm cool either way but that Avocado sounded pretty good!

For a family of 4
1 pound of 85% ground beef
2 TBSP of Ultimate Steak Blend
1/4 cup Teriyaki Sauce
1/4 cup Breadcrumbs of choice

The gross part

All of this goes into a bowl of choice and, washing your hands will be important here.

Mix, with your hand, one hand, typically the right hand, all ingredients.
Shape into 4 Burgers (using both hands)
Since you are using higher fat content meat, feel free to make those burgers 
a little bigger then you expect to see on the bun 'cause they will shrink in the pan.

If your house temp is in the 70's you can let these rest on a plate or tray while your grill or pan is heating up, 
If you are in a climate that is above that, get those burgers back in the fridge till your cooker is ready.
You really don't want to get sick.

My Rule Of Thumb for cooking Beef

5 5 5 

5 minutes on one side, 5 on the other side and 5 resting minutes.

Serve with you fave condiments and sides.

you decide

Eat Well, Feel Great
with Love
Deirdre & Keifer

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