Grilled Chicken Recipe

This year proved an early start to the Grilling Season, that's for sure. 
And when we discovered Organic Chicken available at our local warehouse store, 
there was no question what our first dinner on that big steel box was going to be.

This has to be one of our family's most favorite recipes because, it's not really
a recipe but more of a easy simple meal - quick and simple.

Serves a family of 4

Organic Chicken tends to be on the lean and small side so I use 2 packages for our family.  If you can't find the Organic version, 1 package of your regular brand should do it.

2 packages of Organic Chicken Breasts or 1 package of your regular brand
Kitchen Stories Lemon Pepper Blend
Olive Oil
Salt to taste 
(or no salt at all, this is a Salt Free product full of flavor!)


Trim Chicken Pieces of fat and slice into two pieces per breast.
Place a piece of the chicken in a Ziplock bag, inside of breast up and, using a flat sided mallet or rolling pin, pound the chicken down to 
approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch, repeat for each piece.
Place flattened pieces on a plate or tray and drizzle with Olive Oil liberally
Sprinkle each piece with Lemon Pepper Blend, let stand while your grill or pan heats up.

This chicken recipe calls for a good sear so make sure your grill or pan are 
heated through to at least 400.

Sear, Lemon Pepper Blend side down for 5 minutes, turn and sear flip side another 5 minutes and repeat for another 5 minutes on each side, total 20 minutes.

I serve with fresh greens from the garden with a fresh and light Italian Herb Salad Dressing and Bruschetta but this dish would do just as well with rice or potatoes.

Eat Well, Feel Great!
with love
Deirdre & Keifer

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