2.5 months to go

Well, the moment I've been dreading for the last 3 years is finally coming with only 2.5 months to go. Senior Prom was last Friday night... aren't these kids gorgeous!
Keifer will be heading back to Montreal, Quebec to attend Concordia University in August, entering into their Graphic Arts Program. I'm so happy that he will be staying with my family but his presence here will be sorely missed.

A few of his beautiful friends:

and the birthday girl of the evening


  1. Oh thanks for sharing ... I enjoy seing a few pictures of keifer and his friends . his GORGEOUS friends !!!
    senior prom and well ... proms ... are not something that exist here ...

  2. We only have 1 prom in Canada but in the US, we're out buying fancy suits every year! C'est dont bizarre et chere!

  3. these pictures are gorgeous! i don't think i was nearly this stylish in high school (but i really try to forget those days:)

  4. I love the photos! We don't have proms in the netherlands. Too bad I had to miss out on that!