Merri Time, or something like that

I wish that I could say that this little weekend of mine back home in Montreal was something really special, but I can't. The best thing that came out of it, a clean kitchen.

My mother began hoarding. She'll be turning 80 in October and this was not something we, as her children saw of her in any uncomfortable way until recently. My last trip here I only broached the subject of cleaning and she nearly took my head off. With this trip, she's in Ireland till June 9 and so I did it behind her back. Is that a bad thing? I'm a little worried about the repercussions.

I found this lovely old box in her pantry and before I tossed it, I just had to photograph it.



  1. wonderful idea to share it ... I keep my fingers crossed for you to have no repercussions ... you did the right thing :)

  2. I'd say she was hoarding long before she hit 80. Like maybe 30 years before:)